CD Review: BoDeans

Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams: Collector’s Edition
Slash/Warner Bros./Rhino
By David Chiu

Before roots rock gained a greater mainstream acceptance in the ’90s and now, Wisconsin’s BoDeans. who along with R.E.M., were purveyors of that sound in the ‘80s. Most people today remember them for the song “Closer to Free” from TV’s Party of Five, but they had a career long before that hit. Their 1986 debut is a great record full of passionate rock and tuneful songs. There’s not a bad song in the bunch such as the brilliant single “Fade Away” and “She’s A Runaway.” This special reissue of the album, which was also one of T-Bone Burnett’s earliest productions, contains additional bonus tracks (“Try Try Try” is a great rocker and surprisingly wasn’t on the original record)as well as a DVD of a 1985 performance at First Avenue in Minneapolis.

A recent live performance of “Fadeaway” by the BoDeans:


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