CD: Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox
The Annie Lennox Collection
By David Chiu

Given her great voice and track record with Eurythmics, it was apparent back in 1992 that Annie Lennox was destined for a successful solo career.
And right off the bat she scored hits off of her debut Diva with “Why” and “Walking On Broken Glass.” This collection contains those two songs and many other ones afterwards: “No More I Love You’s”; the elegant-sounding “A Thousand Beautiful Things” from her brilliant 2003 album Bare; and the joyous and uplifting “Sing.” The retrospective also has two new cover songs, Keane’s “Patterns of My Life” and a poppy interpretation of Ash’s “Shining Light.” Some artists solo works have a hard time even equaling the success of their former groups—Lennox is the exception.


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