CD Review: Beth Orton

Beth Orton
Trailer Park–Legacy Edition
By David Chiu

The fact that Beth Orton’s 1997 album Trailer Park has been now given the deluxe reissue treatment is not a real big surprise because the gentle yet haunting music still reverberates. Combining intimate folk music with electronic influences, Trailer Park shows how those seemingly incongruous styles gel so well. There is heartbreaking folk on “I Wish I Never Saw the Sun Shine” and “Don’t Need a Reason”; upbeat, joyous-sounding pop on “Someone’s Daughter” and “Live As You Dream”; and trippy atmospherics on “Galaxy of Emptiness” and “She Cries Your Name.” All of the songs are matched by Orton’s plaintive and aching voice. The reissue’s second CD of additional material, with tracks like “Pedestal” and the beautiful, elegant ballad “I Love How You Love Me,” enhances the original album.

Watch “She Cries Your Name” by Beth Orton:


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