From the Archives: An interview with Amy Farris

As part of’s 10th anniversary, which is official this month, here is an old interview with musician Amy Farris.

Not Just the Fiddle Player Anymore: Amy Farris
by David Chiu
Had you not known that Amy Farris was a singer and violinist, you could have sworn she was a silent screen actress or the It Girl of the Roaring ’20s. Her distinctive photogenic face makes her a shoe-in as a Hollywood starlet. It’s something that this native of Austin Texas and current Los Angeles resident would consider as a possible career.

“I would get the biggest kick out of that,” says the effusive artist on a Sunday afternoon on holiday back in Austin. “That’s something I would like to look into since I’m living in Los Angeles. I think I’d like to be a corpse on Law and Order, or anything. When I was growing up, I used to say, “Daddy, what should I be?” And he would never tell me what he thought until I was 22. He goes, “I think you should be an actress.” And I was like, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?””But that is for another time as Farris right now is making name for herself as a musician. After spending the last couple of years as the fiddle-playing sideman (sidewoman to be politically correct) for Kelly Willis, Alejandro Escovedo, Ray Price, and Bruce Robison, Farris recorded and released her debut Anyway (Yep Roc). In order to do so, Farris moved out from Austin to Los Angeles-prior to that, she’s never lived anywhere outside of the Lone Star State.

“Moving to LA has been a huge adventure,” she remembers. “A lot of people have been kind to me so I had a lot of help. I’ve been out there a year and I’m only beginning to comprehend that city. I’m trying to figure out what the deal is, if that’s possible.” Continue reading “From the Archives: An interview with Amy Farris”