Lost Song: Laban’s “Love in Siberia”

With the melody and part of the lyrics lingering in my brain for many years, but didn’t know the song, I finally discovered the name of this song and the artist. Thanks to some Googling, it’s “Love in Siberia” by a ’80s Danish pop duo Laban, whose members consisted of singers Ivan Pedersen and Lecia Jonsson. According to Billboard, “Love in Siberia” peaked at number 88 on the pop singles charts in 1986. Here’s the video:

I do agree with one of the commenters on YouTube: the video really does suck. It makes no complete sense nor does it follow a coherent narrative. As for what happened to the members of Laban, who broke up in the late ’80s: according to Wikipedia, Ivan Pedersen still performs as a solo act; Jonsson has since followed a career as a jazz singer.


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