Bat Fangs

batfangsBat Fangs
Bat Fangs
Don Giovanni Records
by David Chiu

A supergroup of sorts, Bat Fangs is the latest project by Ex Hex’s Betsy Wright and Flesh Wounds’ Laura King. Their self-titled debut is quite a blistering guitar-driven rock record that draws from glam rock, pop metal, and power pop to create something quite infectious and catchy; songs like “Wolfbite,” “Rock the Reaper,” and “Bad Astrology” employ elements borrows the supernatural nature of horror movies to give it a dark and moody vibe that serve also as a clever commentary about relationships; “Mercury” is the only subdued song on the record, with a roots-rock feel reminiscent of R.E.M. Short, direct, and to the point, these tracks sink into you quite effectively, leaving a mark that’ll turn you into an automatic convert to Bat Fangs music.


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