The Dream Syndicate to Reissue ‘The Days of Wine and Roses’

by David Chiu

One of the greatest albums of the ’80s, the Dream Syndicate’s debut album, The Days of Wine and Roses, is back in print once again. On Thursday, Omnivore Recordings announced that it is reissuing the 1982 record with previously unreleased bonus rehearsal tracks—scheduled for a June 16th release date. A definitive soundtrack of the L.A. Paisley Underground scene, The Days of Wine and Roses features the original Dream Syndicate lineup of Steve Wynn, Dennis Duck, Karl Precoda, and Kendra Smith; its timeless guitar-driven sound can be found in the many of today’s modern rock bands.

This new version of The Days of Wine and Roses, which succeeds the 2001 Rhino reissue, also contains liner notes commentary from the band’s contemporaries including Rain Parade and Green on Red as well as Sonic Youth. The track list of this new edition of the record is as follows:

The original album:

Tell Me When It’s Over
Definitely Clean
That’s What You Always Say
Then She Remembers
When You Smile
Until Lately
Too Little, Too Late*
The Days Of Wine And Roses

Bonus tracks:

Is It Rolling, Bob?
A Reason
Still Holding On To You
Armed With An Empty Gun
Like Mary
Outside The Dream Syndicate


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