CD Review: Tennis


Young and Old
Fat Possum
By David Chiu

Based on the music from their second album, the trio Tennis sounds like a cross between vintage‘60s pop and garage rock. In all, Young and Old is a buoyant record full of sweet melodic hooks. It’s hard to not to get caught up with the infectious energy exuded by each of the songs: the standout “Origins” is as catchy as it is romantic-sounding; the whimsical yet chugging “My Better Self” sounds like it could come from the Beatles’ Magic Mystery Tour; “Petition” is funk with some attitude and “Traveling” evokes the vibe of the ‘60s girl group sound. There is also a sense of irony lyrically, at least in one of the songs, the stomping catchy rock of “High Road”: “Paradise is all around/But happiness is never found.” Tennis’ music deftly balances between the sweet pop of yesteryear and today’s indie rock sensibilities. When you get down to it, Young and Old is such a charming record.


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