CD Review: Kathleen Edwards


Kathleen Edwards
By David Chiu

Although Kathleen Edwards has already has several albums under her belt, she’s kind of an under-the-radar artist as far as greater mainstream popularity. Hopefully her latest record Voyageur will change that. Produced by Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Voyageur brims with an ethereal-sounding, shimmering energy that is apparently obvious with the opening track “Empty Threat”; that warmth and radiance follows upbeat rockers like on “Change the Sheets,” the rootsy “Mint,” and the very Cars-y “Sidecar”; and through subdued- sounding tracks like “Pink Champagne” and the somber “For the Record.” Edwards brings a sense of eloquence to Voyageur with her wistful voice complemented by heart-affecting lyrics like that of the introspective and heartbreaking “House Full of Empty Rooms.” All of those things–the sonic flourishes and thoughtful songwriting–add up to a brilliant, well-crafted record by this talented Canadian artist.


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