CD Review: John Fogerty

John Fogerty
By David Chiu

By the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, CCR leader John Fogerty pretty much disappeared from the music industry with no new album during that period. Then in 1985, he reemerged with Centerfield, his comeback and most popular solo album. Recently reissued to celebrate its 25 years, and with two additional bonus songs, Centerfield was a return to form for the hit-maker as it reflected certain themes such as having a second chance (the title track), baby boom nostalgia (the poignant ballad “I Saw It On TV”) and romance (“Rock and Roll Girls”). Echoes of CCR run through the excellent single “The Old Man is Down the Road”; and there’s a sly attack on his former Fantasy Records boss Saul Zaentz in the poppy and scathing “Zanz Can’t Danz.” The use of things like synth-drums kind of make that song sound dated now, but overall Centerfield re-ignited Fogerty’s recording career for the next 25 years in rocking fashion.


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