CD Review: Goldfrapp

Head First
by David Chiu

I just want to say that Head First is one of the cleverest album titles I’ve come across in a long while. And it kind speaks for the sentiment of Goldfrapp’s latest album: a very sexy and thrilling journey. Following the British duo’s somewhat reflective album Seventh Tree, Head First is a return to the catchy electropop of 2005’s Supernatural. Highlighted by Alison Goldfrapp’s luscious vocals and Will Gregory’s soundscapes, the album is an energetic rush of dance beats, synths and melodies that would make both Giorgio Moroder and ABBA proud. “Rocket” and “Alive” are just some of the razzle dazzle tracks; the Gothic-sounding “Dreaming” lives up to its name. It’s hard not to be caught up in Head First’s energetic and infectious rush; just let yourself loose and enjoy the ride.


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