CD Review: Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick
The Latest
Big 3
By David Chiu

To Cheap Trick fans, there are musical elements and references on the band’s new album that they will recognize from previous great albums. For example, the beginning drum beat on the mindlessly catchy “When The Lights Are Out” is so reminiscent of “ELO Kiddies” and the punky “Alive” sounds like it could have been on the Dream Police record. While The Latest is a nod to the past, it captures the band at their most rocking to date with some barnstorming burners such as “Everyday You Make Me Crazy” and “Sick Man of Europe”; the new album also contains some very Beatlesque numbers from the soulful “Miracle” to “Everybody Knows.” Fans of Cheap Trick’s glory years from the self-titled 1977 album through 1980’s All Shook Up will find The Latest much to their liking.


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