CD Review: Love

Forever Changes—Collector’s Edition
By David Chiu

This latest edition of the classic 1967 album by the late Arthur Lee and company is a substantial upgrade from the original version: there are alternate mixes of Forever Changes’ tracks on the second disc as well as demos and outtakes. But even without those bonuses, Forever Changes on its own remains a masterpiece of brilliant musical arrangements, lush beauty, and psychedelia—Love made its L.A. counterparts the Doors sound coherent and pop friendlier. The album definitely spoke of the changing tide in the counterculture as the Sixties were nearing the end with a sense of disillusionment and pending fear (i.e. “The Red Telephone”). Charismatic frontman Arthur Lee dominated the record with his vision and songs, while fellow guitarist Bryan MacLean showed he was a formidable writer himself with his composition “Alone Again Or.” Sadly this would be the last album by the original lineup before Lee went to hire new guys to carry on the Love name. This great record is a prerequisite for those appreciate ‘60s underground rock.


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