CD Review: Donna Summer

Donna Summer
Burgundy Records
By David Chiu

The Queen of Disco is back after a 17-year absence between studio albums. Her latest Crayons is a return to form with some hi-NRG dance songs such as “Fame (The Game)” and the sexy “I’m a Fire.” Yet she also shows some stylistic range from the reggae/hip-hop of the album’s title song,l electro-blues “Slide Over Backwards” (with harmonica—who’d think of such thing on a Donna Summer album!); and Afro-Cuban influences on “Bring Down The Reign.” The album’s obvious surefire hit is “Stamp Your Feet,” an infectious and empowering dance track. Judging from the lyrics, Crayons is Summer’s personal album: spiritually uplifting as it is soulful. Summer is still in strong voice and Crayons is a further testament of this diva’s influence.


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