CD Review: Kate Nash

Kate Nash
Made of Bricks
By David Chiu

Kate Nash’s debut album, which was already a huge hit in her native U.K., recently arrived on our shores earlier this month. It’s a buoyant record that showcases the 20-year-old’s plain-spoken, thickly-accented English voice; her versatile keyboard playing; and folksy tell-it-like-it-is lyrics, especially about relationships. For the most part, the songs on Made of Bricks are quite poppy, from the hit single “Foundations” to the funky “Pumpkin Soup” and the finale “Merry Happy.” And yet songs like the serious yet soulful “Dickhead” and the beautiful ballad “Birds” reveal a maturity that is sorely lacking in most young pop stars of Nash’s age. Made of Bricks is a strong debut by this newcomer; hopefully it will garner some attention in the States as it had in the UK.

Read an article about Kate Nash in New York Press.


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