CD Review: Electric Light Orchestra

Electric Light Orchestra
Ticket to the Moon: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra Volume 2
By David Chiu

With the exception of tracks “Can’t Get It Out of My Head,” “Do Ya,” and “Calling America,” the latest ELO compilation Ticket to the Moon doesn’t have that many hits compared to its 2005 predecessor All Over the World. But it’s comparable on a musical level since all of the tracks essentially contain the usual ELO ingredients: state-of-the-art production, the strings (on some songs), and hooks galore. Nearly all of the tunes here could have become hits in their own right: the gorgeous ballad “One Summer Dream”; the synth-glossy “Heaven Only Knows”; and the driving rocker “Secret Messages” are just some of the examples.

Video of “Last Train to London”

Video of “Calling America”

Video of “One Summer Dream”


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