CD Review: The Nice Boys

The Nice Boys
The Nice Boys
By David Chiu

Who said nice guys finish last? Apparently not these rockers. The Nice Boys’ music is a pleasurable throwback to the glam and punk days of T.Rex, Gary Glitter and the Stooges augmented with the hooks of Badfinger, Cheap Trick and many other ‘70s power pop groups. In a time in rock where over bloated dinosaur bands ruled the arenas, these aforementioned acts gave rock both a shot in the arm in terms of attitude. The Nice Boys have adopted that philosophy very well in their own music. “Johnny Guitar” is deservedly the key track with its punchy drumming, washes of heavy guitar winning hooks, and me-and-my gang harmony singing; “Avenue 29” sounds if the Beatles and the Kinks got together; and “Cheryl Ann (Carry On)” closes the album starting out reflective and power-balladish before briefly morphing into a ripping Stones-like climax. The Nice Boys has a raw and bright sound that makes you feel like you were in 1976 all over again.


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