CD Review: Corrina Repp

Corrina Repp
The Absent and the Distant
Caldo Verde
By David Chiu

This album lives up to its name: There is a lot of space in this hauntingly beautiful music, almost evoking an out-of-body experience. To start off an album with an instrumental, and a very intimate and ethereal one, sets the tone for the rest of Repp’s album: gentle piano, Repp’s quiet, jazzy vocals and somber melodies (Repp slightly reminds one of Nico without too much of the gloom and doom). Tracks like “All” and “Afloat” sound like the heart is actually breaking and yet feel strangely cathartic at the same time. The music is deliberately slow as if to savor every note. The Absent and the Distant is a lush and ethereal album; this chanteuse’s voice is disarming.


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