CD Review:Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3

Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3
Down There
by David Chiu

Age hasn’t mellowed singer and guitarist Steve Wynn. In fact, the former front man of the great ’80s alternative band Dream Syndicate, outrocks guys half his age. On his latest album “tick…tick…tick” with his combo the Miracle 3, Wynn unleashes another set of guitar-driven rock and introspective lyrics of detachment. The opening “Wired” sets the tone of the album with its brash and abrasive sound, followed by noisy and punkish rockers including “Wild Mercury” and the pummeling “Killing Me.” A few somber tunes, “The Deep End” and “Your Secret” provide a breather, but I stress few. The ecstatic “Bruises” may be the album’s poppiest tune, recalling at times vintage Bruce, while the organ parts on “All the Squares Go Home” adds a kitschy ’60s garage rock feel. Wynn wears continues to wear his influences proudly (i.e. VU) but his great guitar playing, cool vocals, and sometimes bleak outlook are entirely his own. Accompanied by a great band, Wynn, who has been rocking since the post-punk era, is at his best form.


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