CD Review: Josh Rouse

Josh Rouse
Bedroom Classics/Nettwerk
by David Chiu

Living and recording in Spain has done Rouse good. On his new album Subtitulo there is a bit of a Latin influence on a few tracks: “The Man Who…” a fractured Valentine which features a duet with Paz Suay, who designed the album cover; the infectious, feel-good “Summertime”;and “Wonderful,” where Rouse is definitely on the bossa nova/Jobim tip. American fans need not feel alientated by such influences as Rouse’s introspective folkish pop is ever present on “Quiet Town,” the upbeat “It Looks Like Love” (the album’s stand out track) and the perfect car song “Givin’ Up,” a song about rejuvenation. Coming off from the brilliant Nashville album, Rouse ups the ante with magnificent results on this latest one.


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