CD Review: The Strokes

The Strokes
First Impression of Earth
By David Chiu

Having gotten the anticipated second album out of their way, the Strokes return with a magnificent third album of loose New York rock and roll. Having been compared to the likes of Television early on in their careers, the Strokes have now since forged their own path and rocking harder and more convincingly than their peers at this point. First Impression of Earth offers the proof and how far they’ve come: the hard hitting “Vision of Division” and “Fear of Sleep”; the danceable ditty “On the Other Side”; the shimmering guitar rock of “Killing Lies”; and the fractured Valentine of “Razorblade.” The band rocks hard behind frontman and Julian Casablancas’, whose jaded and yearning lyrics seems evoke the record’s wry sarcasm and restlessness. Music in 2006 is off to a good start with this album.


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