CD Review: The Films and Magnet

The Films
Filter U.S. Recordings

The Tourniquet
Filter U.S. Recordings
By David Chiu

Two promising bands are emerging onto the scene, albeit their approach and direction is slightly dissimilar.

Although it is hard to judge a band on the basis of just three songs on this EP, the Films is likeable bunch. Their direct, angstful rock approach can be akin to that of the Strokes, but they also have a very melodic and bouncy pop sheen reminiscent of the Kinks and the La’s (key track: “Come On”). You’re kinda caught up in the music, and then it’s over like that! Let’s hope the full-length album is like the rest of this.

On the other hand, Magnet is a different but no less melodic group compared to the Films. The music on this full-length album is moody, atmospheric, and ornate like that coming out of a music box (Jon Brion’s works comes to mind). Here’s are some of the highlights: “The Pacemaker” is dreamy, seductive pop; “All You Ask” has a theatrical, Tin Pan Alley bent, while Deadlock carry that air of fatalistic resignation, and “Miss Her So” is a hazy sounding track. Only “Fall at Your Feet” provides the rare rocker, and a hopeful one at that too. Think of Magnet’s sound as upbeat and appealing, even if the music can be somber.


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