Bob Seger

SEGER_NightMoves_Packshot-editedBob Seger
Night Moves
by David Chiu

Any survey of the Detroit rock legend’s body of work would certainly have to include his 1976’s classic album Night Moves, which now makes its debut on 180-gram vinyl. Night Moves is a notable work for being Seger’s first record with the Silver Bullet Band (while also featuring the Muscle Shoals Band), and it further catapulted Seger from being a regional act to mainstream star. It contains three of the rocker’s best and beloved songs: the ebullient “Rock and Roll Never Forgets,” the anthemic title ballad, and the eloquent “Main Street.” While those were the popular hits, Night Moves also features some solid album tracks including some gritty rockers like “Come to Poppa” and “The Fire Down Below,” and another anthem in the form “Sunburst.” The appeal of Night Moves, and Seger’s music in general, is its unflinching honesty and purity that evoke the trials and tribulations of the common working man – things that Seger has documented with such insight and ease. It’s a great record that fortunately is getting a second life for today’s vinyl connoisseurs.


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