Christopher Owens’ New Record ‘Chrissybaby Forever’

Christopher Owens (Hannah Hunt)
Christopher Owens (Hannah Hunt)

By David Chiu

Former Girls’ singer Christopher Owens returns with his latest solo album, which was unveiled Wednesday. Titled Chrissybaby Forever, the new record comes out on June 2 and is available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp. Check out his single from Chrissybaby, “Selfish Feelings,” below:

Owens will be on the road starting June 3 in San Francisco through July 2 in Portland.

Album tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Another Loser Fuck Up
3. Music Of My Heart
4. Coffee and Tea
5. Me Oh My
6. Heroine (Got Nothing On You)
7. What About Love
8. Out Of Bed (Lazy Head)
9. Selfish Feelings
10. Waste Away
11. Susanna
12. When You Say I Love You
13. I Love You Like I Do
14. Inside Out
15. Come On And Kiss Me
16. To Take Care Of Myself Again


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