The Juliana Hatfield Three

jh3coverThe Juliana Hatfield Three
Whatever, My Love
American Laundromat Records
by David Chiu

It seems like the last few years have seen the reunions of seminal ’90s bands such as Luna, Pavement, Netural Milk Hotel, Ride, and Sleater-Kinney. Now adding to the mix is the Juliana Hatfield Three, whose previous and only album was Become What You Are from 1993. Twenty-two years later, the trio of Juliana Hatfield, Todd Philips, and Dean Fisher have reunited for a new record Whatever, My Love and a tour. Any expectation of disappointment by this reunion album after such a long gap falls by the wayside, Whatever, My Love really seamlessly picks up where Become What You Are left off – maybe perhaps a more wiser and maturer perspective. Aside from the moments of driving melodic rock, Hatfield’s frank and sometimes-angsty lyrics haven’t changed—especially her perspective on the complicated affairs of the heart: from the sweet, if melancholy “Invisible” and the introspective “I Don’t Know What to Do,” to the sexy-sounding “If Only We Were Dogs” and the rocking “Ordinary Guy,” in which the narrator wishes she had a better boyfriend. Her storytelling techniques really makes the listener identify with her situation, whether it’s it a case of being bashful in I’m Shy or the discomfort in being made over in “Blame it on the Stylist.” Whatever, My Love convincingly brings a sense of full-circle/closure for fans who had been waiting for the sequel to Become What You Are, and hopefully it won’t take another 23 years for the next effort from Hatfield’s popular and endearing band lineup.


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