CD Review: Ferras

Ferras_Digital EP_750
Ferras (EP)
by David Chiu

On Ferras’ latest self-titled EP is a song called “Legends Never Die,” a ballad duet with Katy Perry, that closes the collection – it’s an uplifting and unifying anthem that is destined to appear on TV commercials and sporting events. And perhaps indirectly, the track’s tone of resilience (“We are the stars that shine…They don’t make them like you and I”) seems fitting given the singer’s situation in the last couple of years in which he was signed to a major label, released an album Aliens and Rainbows, and then got dropped from the record company. Now Ferras is back this time as the first new signee to Perry’s new label Metamorphosis – and based on this EP, the singer is making the most of his second chance. Ferras consists of sweeping electronic-driven pop music, very soulful and dramatic vocals; and yearning, romantic lyrics. The opening track ”Speaking in Tongues” just dazzles; “Champagne” is danceable as it is ebullient, almost recalling Prince; and “King of Sabotage” is dark, turbulent majestic pop. Ferras is a solid comeback for the artist and perhaps a promising indication of a possible full-length album.


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