CD Review: Metric


Last Gang Records
By David Chiu

Sonically-speaking, the Canadian band’s latest record picks up where 2009’s breathtaking Fantasies left. Synthetica doesn’t disappoint with its driving electronic-influenced rock as in the case of “Speed the Collapse” and the title track; the new single, “Youth Without Youth,” definitely has the glitter rock -stomp with its unrelenting beat and pointed lyrics about the pessimistic state of young people. It’s also cool how the record after the first couple of tracks kind of throws a curve with “Lost Kitten” that has a girl-group kind of vibe; and another highlight is Lou Reed’s signature voice on the dreamy “The Wanderlust.” Yet with the sometimes dark overtones come uplifting-sounding tracks in “Dreams So Real” and “Nothing But Time.” If Fantasies hinted at the band’s mainstream appeal, then Synethtica solidifies their stab for the brass ring.


One thought on “CD Review: Metric

  1. I agree, I love how “Synthetica” shows a kind of songwriting maturity, while exploring youthful adolescence at the same time. Since it’s come out, I haven’t been able to stop listening. Great review!

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