CD Review: Thin Lizzy


Thin Lizzy

Two of Thin Lizzy’s early albums, which were recently reissued in expanded form, rank alongside 1976’s Jailbreak as some of their best work. Both records showcase the elements that defined Thin Lizzy’s sound: legendary front man Phil Lynott’s soulful yet yearning vocals; powerful guitar playing; and the relentless ‘take-no-prisoners’ and everyman sentiments in the lyrics. On Nightlife (1974), the electric chemistry is evident through driving numbers such as “It’s Only Money” and “Sha La La,” and blues/soul in the title track, “Showdown,” and “Still in Love With You,” a devastating ballad with some dazzling guitar work. Fighting (1975) also follows in a similar musical vein with rockers such as “Rosalie,” “Suicide” and “King Vengeance”; and yet like Night Life, there is also some variation in the music, like the very reggae-influenced and thought-provoking “Half Caste” and a bit of funk/soul on “Silver Dollar.” Nightlife and Fighting are essential and still hold up as classic rock gems. In addition to the original studio albums, both Deluxe Editions also contain a wealth of bonus material including BBC sessions and alternate versions of tracks.


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