News: Help support the Best Music Writing series


The Best Music Writing has been an annual series published by Da Capo Press for over a decade, spotlighting the best in music journalism; past installments have been guest edited by such esteemed writers as Ann Powers, Nick Hornby, Alex Ross, Greil Marcus and Nelson George. This time around, the 2012 edition and future installments of the series will be independently published, and series editor Daphne Carr is trying to raise funds through Kickstarter to make that happen. As of Jan. 18, 2012, she has raised $3,208 to reach a goal of $15,000 by Jan. 31. Help keep the series going by making a contribution to its Kickstarter page; some cool incentives are being offered for donations. For more information, visit this Web site; and to make a donation, please check out the Kickstarter page.


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