CD Review: George Michael

George Michael
Faith: Special Edition
By David Chiu

With his 1987 solo debut album Faith, George Michael set himself miles apart from the teeny bopper music he previously did as one-half of Wham! Twenty-four years later, Faith still holds up as an enjoyable listen: The rockabilly-sounding title track never gets and conjures up great memories of that iconic video; “Father Figure” and “One More Try” showcases Michael as a genuine soulful balladeer; and in retrospect, the funky “I Want Your Sex” lyrically sounds tame compared to more sexually explicit brazen songs out there now. But underneath the gloss are songs that are also serious-minded, whether it’s the topic of drug abuse on “Monkey” or the social commentary of “Hand to Mouth.”  The Special Edition contains a second disc of additional music from that era including two Stevie Wonder covers and remixes of “Monkey”; and a DVD containing the album’s memorable videos; and an 1987 interview with British TV presenter Jonathan Ross. Like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, another monster album of the ‘80s, Faith is another example of an album that can make a serious artistic statement in the form of great, accessible pop music.


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