CD Review: Supertramp

Breakfast in America: Deluxe Edition
By David Chiu

Supertramp’s sixth album, 1979’s Breakfast in America, ushered the English art rock group into superstardom at the time. Slogging away for almost a decade, the band gradually built a popular base until Breakfast in America blew off the doors. The album serves a substantial helping of whimsical pop hits: “The Logical Song,” “Goodbye Stranger,” the title track, and “Take the Long Way Home.” Not that the rest of the album should be overlooked—“Lord Is It Mine” is a heartfelt ballad and “Child of Vision” certainly maintains the band’s progressive rock cred. It’s not surprise that Breakfast won a Grammy for best engineered album—the sound quality is superb and doesn’t sound dated even after 30 years. The deluxe edition of this classic contains live performances from the Breakfast in America tour, including renditions of older songs such as “Rudy,” “From Now On” and the classic “Give a Little Bit.”


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