CD Review: Jenny and Johnny

Jenny and Johnny
I’m Having Fun Now
Warner Bros.
by David Chiu

Think of Jenny and Johnny (Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice) as perhaps a slightly raw and rockier version of She & Him as far as collaborative female and male musical duos are concerned. Sonically speaking, I’m Having Fun Now is a rough-and-ready rootsy album There’s an eclectic quality to the music on the record, from the early ‘60s retro feel of “Just Like Zeus” to the power poppy “Committed” to the airy, waltz-like “While Men are Dreaming.” There are tracks in which each performer shines in the spotlight—Rice on the pretty rocker “Animal” and Lewis with “Big Wave.” I’m Having Fun Now is a spirited and engaging album. Overall, the record showcases the wonderful chemistry between Lewis and Rice, especially when their voices blend together such as on “Scissor Runner.”


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