Live Review: Metric

(Photo by David Chiu)

Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Aug. 5, 2010
Review by David Chiu

During their rocking show last night in Brooklyn, Canadian rock band Metric performed a song called “Stadium Love.” Although the setting was a park, the band members played like arena rockers delivering a taut performance one after the other. A good portion of the set drew from Metric’s most recent and terrific album, Fantasies, and the live renditions of its songs did not disappoint: “Help I’m Alive,” “Gimme Sympathy,” the aforementioned “Stadium Love” and “Sick Muse.” The other songs from the show drew from the band’s previous records that included “Combat Baby,” “Monster Hospital” and “Empty.” Singer Emily Haines was definitely the focal point as she pranced around the stage and fiddled with the keyboards; the other band members didn’t exactly slack off as they too delivered with bombast. Metric’s dazzling performance reverberated throughout the park-it might have well been at a stadium.

(photo by David Chiu)

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