CD Review: Distractions

Infinite Best Recordings
by David Chiu

The ’60s, garage rock, smoky clubs, free jazz, (early) Playboy, and the band Morphine comes to mind while listening to this new Chicago band’s debut album. It certainly evokes something of the past with its hazy, trippy music; yet it is distinctive and original enough to distinguish Distractions from their peers. The beginning of “All Night” echoes ? and the Mysterians’ “96 Tears”; “We Were Better Off in the Rain” pays homage to Phil Spector and the Brill Building; “My Gold” and “Please Slow Down” borders on the avant garde/lounge;and the drone noisy, experimental “Not Gonna Go Away.” The ominous vocals add to the music’s dreamy and atmospheric tone, not to mention the shimmering guitars. Distractions live up to their name: as it takes the listener to a different reality from his or her own–a journey worth taking.

All Night by Distractions.


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