CD Review: Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells
Mom and Pop Music
By David Chiu

To say that this act has exploded literally and figuratively would be an understatement. The Brooklyn duo of Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss has recently made a tremendous splash in the press as the hottest indie rock act of the moment. And it’s easy to hear why from their audacious electro-rock music debut with its ear-pounding rap beats, distorted riffs and rhythms, and Krauss’s elegantly detached yet tough vocals. “Tell Em” pretty launches the album adrenaline; “Riot Rhythm” lives up to its name, blending metallic hard rock and hip-hop; “Infinity Guitars” the brutal “Straight A’s” and “Crown to the Ground” are simply ear-splitting rock; the dazzling “Run the Heart” comes closest to a conventional pop song on the record as well as “Rill Rill,” which has this folksy, soulful hippie ‘60s vibe all over it. If anything, Sleigh Bells’ Treats have made a very loud and indelible impression.


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