News: Indie rock duo WOOM does 2 NYC shows

(from Ba Da Bing! Records)

WOOM is the New York/Massachusetts duo of Eben Portnoy and Sara Magenheimer, whose previous credit was the group Fertile Crescent. Their music could be described as angular, experimental and minimalist indie rock with a touch of melodies. WOOM’s new album “Muu’s Way” is scheduled for release July 6.

Here’s a brief performance video of “Quetzalcoatl’s Ship”:

The group will be playing next week in New York before heading off for some tour dates with Xiu Xiu in Europe.

5/18 @ Cake Shop, NYC
5/19 @ Death by Audio, NYC
5/23 @ Dal Verme, Rome, Italy
5/24 @ Fanfulla 101, Rome, Italy
5/28 @ San Martino Spino Festival, Italy
6/01 @ Brtfabrik, Frankfurt, Germany w/ Xiu Xiu
6/02 @ Steinbruch, Duisburg, Germany w/ Xiu Xiu
6/03 @ Ekko, Utrecht, Germany w/ Xiu Xiu
6/04 @ Exhaus, Trier, Germany w/ Xiu Xiu
6/05 @ King George, Koln, Germany w/ Xiu Xiu
6/06 @ Plan B, London, England w/ Xiu Xiu
6/07 @ Cave Aux Poetes, Roubaix, France w/ Xiu Xiu
6/09 @ Pop In, Paris, France
6/10 @ Le Motel, Paris, France
6/12 @ Ker Boui Boui, Rennes, France
6/13 @ Cafe Violon Dingue, Nantes, France
6/15 @ Fialho’s Hideaway, Bordeaux, France
6/16 @ El Boqueron, Bordeaux, France
6/23 @ ZDB, Lisbon, Portugal

For more info and music, check out WOOM’s MySpace page.


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