CD Review: Enya

The Very Best of Enya
By David Chiu

For someone who is mainly known in the genre of New Age music, Enya has the popularity of a major rock star. The proof lies in the millions of albums she has sold in the last 20 years beginning with Watermark, which contains the hit “Orinoco Flow.” But beyond the commercial success of her music, there is no denying what makes Enya a one-of-a-kind artist: her voice and the spiritual words of lyricist Roma Ryan. It is those signature elements that can be found in each and every number on this latest Enya compilation, which has a slightly different and updated tracklisting than the 1997 best-of, Paint the Sky With Stars: in addition to “Storms in Africa,” the breathtaking “Carribbean Blue” and “Anywhere Is,” Very Best also tacks on “Only Time” (from the smash 2000 album A Day Without Rain), “Amarantine” and “May It Be.” Not every song in the Enya canon is ornamental and pretty; a song like the somewhat-ominous “Cursum Perfico” shows a serious, perhaps edgy, side to this artist. The Very Best is a radiant collection and an introduction for those who have been so far immune to Enya’s music.


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