CD Review: Engineers

Three Fact Fader
By David Chiu

For those listening to Engineers for the first time through their latest album, it’s almost as if the early ‘90s never left. This British group’s sound is definitely in the shoegazer genre: it’s ethereal and airy and gorgeous. But underneath the sonic layers of guitar and keyboards, there’s a warm quality to the music rather than something cold and distant, particularly on the almost-folk of “Be What You Are” and the upbeat “International Dirge” and “Sometimes I Realise.” There are also moments on the album that also departs from the dominant subdued nature of the record especially the bombastic “The Fear Is Gone” and the driving “Emergency Room,” which is slightly reminiscent of New Order. The introspective and personal lyrics match Simon Phipps’ whispery vocals and the musical atmospherics. Yeah the music is certainly a throwback to the British shoegazers of the era but it’s doesn’t feel dated. Three Fact Fader is edgy for alt and art rock fans, and accessible for pop music listeners.


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