CD Review: Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones/UME
By David Chiu

Undercover, the Rolling Stones’ 1983 album, doesn’t often receive the attention that is bestowed on more triumphant post-‘70s efforts such as Sticky Fingers, Some Girls and Tattoo You. While it is safe to say Undercover is not in the same league as those aforementioned works, it’s not a bad record either. Its problem is there is too much going on with the album stylistically where the mix of rock (“All The Way Down”), funk (“Tie You Up”), reggae (“Feel You Baby”) and even rap (the rather morbid “Too Much Blood”) collide. It sounded like the group back then was trying to find its voice. The rest of the songs on Undercover are vintage Stones such as “Too Tough” and the Keith Richards-sung “Wanna Hold You.” The best cuts from the album are the well-known ones today: “Undercover of the Night,” a nasty funk-track; and the electrifying rocker “She Was Hot.” Both also have memorable videos, the former a dramatic mini-movie, and the latter featuring the sexy actress Anita Morris. Undercover is by no means a perfect Stones album, but it should be given a wider appreciation.

Rolling Stones Undercover of the Night

Rolling Stones She Was Hot


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