CD Review: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

blitz-761755Yeah Yeah Yeahs
It’s Blitz!
By David Chiu

Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ third studio release shows a bit of variety beyond the aggressive electronic rock I remember from their first album Fever to Tell. Some of those aspects are evident on some thrilling tracks such as “Heads Will Roll” and “Zero,” some old school disco on “Dragon Queen”; and the jaunty-sounding “Dull Life.” But there are some really wonderful haunting and atmospheric tracks including “Skeletons,” the charming “Hysteric” and the hymn-like final song “Little Shadow.” Adding a nice bookend to the album are four acoustic versions of the some of the songs showing a depth to this band that perhaps causal fans didn’t know beyond Karen O’s charismatic, expressive vocal style; Nick Zinner’s buzzing guitar; and Brian Chase’s drumming (The acoustic take of “Soft Shock” sounds reminiscent of Appalachian folk). It’s Blitz! offers a nice blast of 21st century techno rock with some subtle yet pretty tracks.


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