CD Review: Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen
Working on a Dream
By David Chiu

Like Bob Dylan’s last several albums, Bruce Springsteen’s own recent works starting with The Rising gets better with every release. Working on a Dream, his latest album with the E Street Band is no exception: Most of the 12 songs seem to shimmer with a romantic glow and positive uplift as indicative on the joyous “My Lucky Day,” “What Love Can Do” and the title track. Of course the album showcases the Boss’ story songs such as the cowboy-esque “Outlaw Pete,” “Queen of the Supermarket,” and the moving track “The Wrestler,” from the movie of the same name. And “The Last Carnival” is a poignant closer about loss, and it features Jason Federici on accordion, the son of E Street organist Danny Federici, who died last year. The ‘60s-ish “This Life” sounds like a long lost song from “The River,” and Good Eye is rough-hewn blues. It’s too early to say that Working on a Dream is Springsteen best to date because he’s probably got another one or two excellent albums on the way. However, it’s safe to say that this is finest.

A clip of “My Lucky Day” by Bruce Springsteen


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