CD Review: Army Navy

Army Navy
Army Navy
The Fever Zone
By David Chiu

Army Navy might be the most British-sounding group from America in recent memory other than perhaps Jellyfish. The comparisons to Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, and the other British power pop bands from the ‘90s seems justified upon listening to their excellent retro-sounding debut album. Each track on Army Navy has melodic hooks-galore, driving rock guitar and singer Justin Kennedy’s very Anglo-sounding voice. Tracks such as Sleight of Hand, Jail Is Fine, and Ignite seems to contain what’s lacking in pop music these days: a sense of gorgeous songcraft, as on “Golden Pony”. (The remake of Maxine Nightingale’s ‘70s classic “Get Right Back” is a nice touch). Army Navy is a great work and will certainly on my year-end top albums list.


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