CD Review: Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne
Time the Conqueror
Inside Recordings
By David Chiu

Jackson Browne’s newest album Time the Conqueror offers both the personal and political sides of the songwriter. It seemed on past albums, it was one or the other but the they come together cohesively on this latest record. Certainly the last couple of years has given Browne enough material for a highly charged attack on the Bush administration policies most notably on “The Drums of War” (“Why isn’t impeachment on the table? he asks), the powerful “Where Were You” (about the failed response to Hurricane Katrina) and “Going to Cuba.” Fortunately it’s not entirely one-hour diatribe as those political songs are offset by a few of his introspective works like the title track, the hopeful-sounding “Just Say Yeah,” and the lovely ballad “The Arms of the Night.”

Watch a performance of “The Drums of War” on YouTube:


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