CD Review: ZZ Top

ZZ Top
Eliminator: Collector’s Edition (CD+DVD)
Rhino/Warner Bros.
By David Chiu

Eliminator, ZZ Top’s 1983 album, made the then-somewhat relatively popular Texas blues-rock trio extremely popular than ever before. What made that possible was the advent of MTV, and the music embracing a slight synth-pop feel. While the electronic textures add a bit of a contemporary pop and dance sheen, they also enhance the standard blues-rock sound of the band, giving tracks such as “Bad Girl,” “Dirty Dog” and “Got Me Under Pressure” some kick. But If anything Eliminator will be forever famous for the classic hits “Gimme All Your Lovin,” “Sharp Dressed Man” and the immortal “Legs.” (Finally we get the longer original album version of that song, along with some additional bonus tracks in this expanded reissue). And could forget those funny and racy music videos for those aforementioned hits, which can now be seen on the DVD portion of this set, and complemented with a blistering live performance on British from 1983.

Watch the classic “Legs” video on YouTube:


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