CD Review: Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey Buckingham
Gift of Screws
By David Chiu

Gift of Screws has been deemed as Lindsey Buckingham’s return to rock after the semi-acoustic and reflective sounds of 2006’s Under the Skin. It’s certainly evident on a number of the songs from this new album, particularly the driving “Wait for You” and the opening track “Great Day.” And there’s no escaping from his Fleetwood Mac past with tunes like “Love Runs Deeper” and “The Right Place to Fade,” which sounds like a distant relative to “Second Hand News” from Rumours (Both tracks, not surprisingly, feature the Mac’s Mick Fleetwood and John McVie). Yet a few of the subdued numbers could have been on the previous album, and they’re just as handsome and sublime, from the dazzling “Time Precious Time” to “Treason.” The best track here is “Did You Miss Me,” which is a really lovely and charming pop song. The surprising from Gift of Screws is his how quickly Buckingham made this album. Considering he’s not the most prolific of artists, he again makes an outstanding work that feature his signature guitar playing and emotional vocals. Simply put, it’s a worthy follow-up to Under the Skin, and another fine notch to an underrated solo career.

See a video of “Did You Miss Me” on YouTube:


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