Live: Goldfrapp at Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall
September 12, 2008
By David Chiu

Just like the approach of their most recent album, Goldfrapp’s recent performance at Radio City Music Hall was kind of toned down a bit—not the spectacle or extravaganza I thought I was expecting to see based on what I heard about their previous shows. (No one wearing antelope heads this time). Still, it doesn’t take away from a solid performance by the band fronted by the always visually charismatic Allison Goldfrapp, whose feathery, white-colored outfit reminded me of Queen’s Freddie Mercury and Brian May wearing those early ‘70s flowing outfits.

The show’s set list drew a lot from the new album Seventh Tree, whose songs were very lush and elegant, especially tracks like “Clowns,” “Little Bird,” and the poppy “Happiness.” It was only the second during the show in which the momentum picked up with some of the beat-heavy tunes from the 2005 album Supernature (“Ooh la La,” “Number 1”). The excitement was brought down to earth with the wistful ballad “Some People,” the evening’s encore.

On stage the band did a pretty good job in creating the layered sound of their previous albums. Overall Goldfrapp’s show was a mix of atmospheric electronic music and dance tunes.

Set-list (based on my notes, though not definitive):

Cologne Cerrone Houdini
You Never Know
Satin Chic
Eat Yourself
Monster Love
Little Bird
Number 1
Ooh La La
Caravan Girl
Lovely Head(?)

Encore: Some People


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