CD Review: Radiohead

The Best of
By David Chiu

Who would have envisioned that back in 1993 that Radiohead would go on to become one of today’s most popular and important bands—remember they emerged around the same time as alt-groups like Sponge and Candlebox. It started off with the catchy mope-anthem “Creep,” relegating them at the time as being perhaps one-hit wonders. But they proved many people wrong. This collection, spotlighting their tenure with Capitol/EMI, documents the amazing evolution of the band after that one hit from the wonderful soulful tracks from 1995’s The Bends (“Fake Plastic Trees,” “High and Dry”). But it was the art rock of 1997’s OK Computer that really elevated the band thanks to tracks like “Karma Police” and “Paranoid Android.” Since then, through albums Kid A, Amnesiac, and Hail to the Thief. Radiohead has continued to challenge by embracing electronic textures while still composing songs with emotional depth (“Everything In Its Right Place,” “2+2=5”). The Best Of only covers just a facet of the band, thus you’ll be better served by getting Radiohead’s entire catalog. But on its own terms, this set is satisfactory for those who haven’t been keeping track with alternative rock for the last 15 years—it’s worth it.

Radiohead’s “High and Dry”:


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