DVD Review: Genesis

When in Rome 2007
By David Chiu

Recorded from a free show in Rome during its the band reunion concert last year, this 2- DVD set features the commercially successful Genesis lineup of Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins augmented by drummer Chester Thompson and guitarist Daryl Stuermer. The music performed draws on the two phases of the band—the progressive art rock led by former singer Peter Gabriel, and the accessible pop hits fronted by Collins. Visually the show is dazzling with its massive staging and screen as a backdrop and the direction by David Mallet is first rate. Performance-wise the band sounded really good and tight—anchored by the great Banks on keyboards— somewhat of an accomplishment considering the 15-year-gap between tours by this lineup. Ironically the band sounded better on the older songs than the more familiar later hits, especially tracks like “The Carpet Crawlers,” “Firth of Fifth,” “The Cage,” and especially the brilliant instrumental “Los Endos” (preceded by a long drum solo by Collins and Thompson) But for the most part Genesis can still deliver the goods, and so does this package: in addition to the full concert, there’s an extra disc containing a tour documentary, and some amusing backstage moments that are available as extras.


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