CD Review: Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails
The Slip
The Null Corporation
By David Chiu

A gift from Trent Reznor to all his fans, The Slip is Nine Inch Nails’ latest release, which is downloadable for free from the web site Because of that, there is a question of how this record would stack up against? Reznor’s previous major label albums—is it just a throwaway of subpar demos Safe to say it falls in line with his best works and stands on its own as a well-crafted studio release After an omnious short introduction, titled “999,999.” The Slip launches headlong into noisy blasts of distorted guitar surrounded by haunting sonic atmospherics from the funk aggression of “1,000,000” and “Head Long” to the drum and bass feel of “Letting You” and the urgent “Demon Seed.” The Slip is a tight and focused set—10 songs clocking together under 45 minutes—and there is not a single wasted moment.

To download The Slip, visit You can hear some tracks by going to YouTube:


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