CD Review: R.E.M.

Warner Bros.
By David Chiu

The positive reviews that have graced R.E.M.’s newest album are rightly justified; not since 1994’s Monster has the band ever sounded this much brasher and rockier evident on the punky “Living Well is the Best Revenge.” This a straightforward rock album with none of the electronic experimentations that have arguably mired the last couple of R.E.M. records—even the mid-tempo and slower tracks such as “Houston” and “Sing for the Submarine” sound even louder. The driving single “Supernatural Superserious” follows in the vein of another strong recent rocker “Bad Day,” while the last song I’m Gonna DJ sounds delightfully narcissistic with its opening lyric: “Death is pretty final/I’m collecting vinyl.” Just when the band was on the brink of having its best days way behind them, Accelerate proves any doubts of irrelevance wrong.

Watch a clip of “Supernatural Superserious”:


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